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CRM Data Mining Services

At Data Outsourcing India, we help our clients to predict contemporary business trends for better growth rates. With our CRM data mining services, we enable you to understand your customers' behavior and buying propensities. Our professionals have expertise in exploring and extracting particular set of data or information from almost all leading CRM platforms including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Vtiger, etc.

Our CRM data mining or CRM data discovery experts can facilitate you to develop a strategy for getting dependable and long-lasting customers. We cautiously examine CRM system for specific set of data or information and try to identify their distinctive needs, preferences and behaviors. To deliver you optimum accuracy in outcome, we employ dedicated and highly experienced data mining professionals who are familiar with the backend of a wide range of CRM platforms (customized as well as personalized).

Key features of our CRM data mining services

We use trusted and tested data mining techniques to address the CRM objectives and allow you to separate you customers based on the value and behavior. To provide you results ready for analytical purposes, we have cutting-edge technology and skilled CRM data mining team with cross-industry experience. Here are some key features of our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data discovery services:

  • Descriptive analysis and predictive modeling
  • Segmentation and clustering to analyze a pattern of behavior
  • Building marketing databases
  • Identification of value based customers
  • Capturing contact details
  • Mining data related with up-selling / cross-selling of products / services
  • Exploring data associated with marketing campaigns
  • Collecting customer profile data like product requirement, corresponding feedback, etc.

Our CRM data mining services include data appending, email list building, CRM cleaning, data verification or validation and data scrubbing services that help in your sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, marketing and other processes. Outsource CRM data mining services to us and hassle-free manage customer / prospect contact information, marketing campaigns, sales opportunities and more.

CRM data mining

Advantages of outsourcing CRM data mining services to us

When you outsource customer relationship management (CRM) data mining services to us, we not only assist you in extracting analytic information or raw data from the CRM system but also help you in abstracting and summarizing information, if needed. Our professionals filter, organize and format raw or unstructured data before delivering so that you can get ready-to-use reports. Listed below are some direct outsourcing benefits you get with us:

  • Stringent information security policies and practices
  • Almost 60-65% saving on operating costs
  • Meticulous quality analysis processes
  • Receive information in ready-to-use format
  • Get your project completed in timely manner
  • Access to a well trained CRM data mining team
  • Transparent communication and better project management
  • Latest technology, tools and techniques

Through our CRM data mining services, you can identify and reach the targeted audience for maximum business profits. It also helps you to increase your presence in the market and improve customer interaction in friendlier behavior. By utilizing our years of experience in CRM data mining services, you can make your current customers more satisfied and build long-term business relationship with them.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your CRM data discovery or CRM data mining outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.

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Data Outsourcing India has been a good company to do business with. I am more than pleased with the way the project has turned out, and with the overall experience itself.
- Mike Whiteside
(United States)