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Data Entry and Management
We define the strategies, methods, and tools for managing data through its entire lifecycle.

At Data Outsourcing India, we have intense industry knowledge to manage any type of data through its entire lifecycle. Employing high-tech tools and practices, we transform your data into a meaningful structure or format which enable you to take key business decisions intelligently.

By organizing data, we not only facilitate you to minimize expenses and maximize profits but also help you to enhance the competence of your company's valuable data. We regularly refine processes to deliver high-quality data support services to our global clients. As a reliable data entry services provider, we fully understand the value of data accuracy for a firm and that is why our quality checking process ensures zero errors in all projects. Our specialists can handle entire process of data digitization from document scanning, keying-from-image, data capture to optical character recognition.

Listed below are some of the key data services, we excel in:

We offer a wide range of data services on affordable prices without compromising on quality and turnaround time. Our data entry experts have proficiency in capturing, entering, digitizing and processing business-critical data or information from an assortment of sources including but not limited to hard copy or typed documents, PDF documents, scanned images, web data, etc.

Data Entry Services

Since 2006, we have been helping many small as well as large worldwide businesses for their data entry services requirements. To keep our clients satisfied, we offer them industry's best turnaround time with utmost accuracy and security. — continue reading

Data Processing Services

To increase profitability and reduce expenses, you can outsource data processing services to us. We are specialized in processing sensitive and critical business data accurately. Our data processing team delivers solutions best suited to your needs. — continue reading

Data Mining Services

Through its web content research services, DOI enables you to get access to reliable and most accurate data for your marketing campaigns. Our data mining experts can accumulate desired information related to business, finance, economy and market from a collection of online sources such as business directories, B2B or B2C websites, industry publications, social networking sites, etc. — continue reading

Data Cleansing Services

With our data cleansing support, you can keep your business data clean, consistent and up-to-date. Our professionals can meticulously perform data enrichment, de-duplication, normalization, standardization, verification and validation. — continue reading

Data Management Services

In every business, data volume grows with the time and it comprises both imperative and redundant information. At DOI, we help our clients in managing their data for consistency, accuracy, coherence, accessibility and uniqueness by building current information databases, merging small databases, keeping imperative data and eliminating redundant information. — continue reading

Virtual Assistant Services

If you want to save time for your core business activities then you can hire a virtual assistant from Data Outsourcing India. Our virtual assistants have over a decade of experience in providing data entry and other day-to-day administrative tasks. — continue reading

Data Annotation for AI/ML

We have team of expert data annotators who can assist you in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. We provide a full range of data annotation services that include 2D bounding boxes, cuboid, lines and splines, points and landmark, polygons, semantic segmentation, text, image and video annotation. — continue reading

Data Services

The key differentiators which help you to select us as your end-to-end data solution partner

  • A workforce of more than 100+ experienced professionals
  • 99.9% input accuracy in all type of data entry projects
  • Dedicated manager for better project management
  • Free Trial to help you to judge the quality of our work
  • Flexible pricing models - hourly, fixed and dedicated
  • Encrypted information transfer and Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Multiple shifts to speed up deliveries or productivity
  • 24x7 dedicated customer support and cutting-edge technology

How can we support your business?

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