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Recently Completed Projects (News)

View our news page to know about projects we completed recently for our clients, it will give you an idea on our skills and capabilities:

calendar icon February, 2024

A US-based online retailer partners with Data Outsourcing India for listing their items (mobile phone and accessories) on ebay marketplace. We are uploading 500 SKUs per week for the client and he is planning to open new accounts on other marketplaces.

calendar icon January, 2024

Data Outsourcing India got another large PDF conversion project. We have to convert clinical textbook PDF documents into clean HTML format. It involves relevant html tagging so that a standard CSS definition can be applied easily.

calendar icon December, 2023

An Italy based Document Management Company has teamed up with Data Outsourcing India to reduce process costs and escalate output quality. DOI's data capture team will index 250.000 forms per year and the volume will increase in future as per client’s assurance.

calendar icon November, 2023

A leading electronic ecommerce company based USA has renewed contract with Data Outsourcing India for image clipping path services. We are editing, enhancing and resizing more than 6000 product pictures per week for them.

calendar icon September, 2023

Data Outsourcing India has won a contract of content migration project. We have to transfer website pages from static sites into Drupal CMS websites. There are approx 15K pages which need to be migrated with its original layout.

calendar icon August, 2023

A United Kingdom based Social Media Company awarded its web research project to Data Outsourcing India. The process incorporates title, phone and email research of approx 63000 companies to enhance the quality of existing database.

calendar icon July, 2023

Data Outsourcing India delivered 500 hours concluded data mining job to its Australia based client. We compiled a database of corporate heads to use for an electronic newsletter in the Captive Insurance and Self Insurance market.

calendar icon May, 2023

DOI successfully delivered the first batch of photo stitching to its new client in USA. The client provided us multiple high resolution in-store photographs and we stitched them to produce a segmented panorama picture or a single wide–angle photo.

calendar icon April, 2023

An established Spain based online flight check-in management company has selected us to manage their bookings system with dedicated operators. A 12 people team working in 2 shifts to minimize boarding pass entry time and enhance client’s customers satisfaction.

calendar icon February, 2023

A medical billing company based-USA has contacted us to execute COVID patients time slot scheduling project. Minimum 5000 entries need to be entered into EMR software per day using secured static IP addresses or VPN (virtual private network). We have completed initial training and started project with 50 headcounts.

calendar icon January, 2023

We have delivered a large project of product categorization, where DOI has categorized 106K banner design products for a USA based client. The client is quite happy with turnaround and assured us to use our services soon.

calendar icon December, 2022

Data Outsourcing India completed a PDF to excel conversion job of approx 37K records for its client in USA. We delivered project within 4 weeks as per the client request and got assurance for more work in future from him.

calendar icon November, 2022

DOI got an opportunity from an Australia based Energy Supply Company to provide data entry support. We have to process 15K gas and electricity connection forms per month in an online portal as per the instructions received. 500-600 forms daily with 24hrs turnaround.

calendar icon October, 2022

Data Outsourcing India uploaded 300+ mobile apps on Android market and other application stores for a UK based client. Who offers a dynamic platform for turning fun and educational content on Android, iPhone and Facebook.

calendar icon September, 2022

Data Outsourcing India got an invoice processing project from New Zealand’s document solutions company. We are locked under a 3 years contract and we have to carry out 120,000 invoices over a year.

calendar icon August, 2022

Data Outsourcing India completes an image editing project of 4000 electronic items. The activity involved was background cleaning, resizing and renaming as per client instructions to meet online store requirement.

calendar icon June, 2022

DOI wins a contract of data cleansing and verification project from a leading US based engagement opportunities development company. We have to verify and cleanse phone numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses of worldwide data. There are approx. 120K leads which need to be processed.

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