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Top 10 Guidelines to Secure Outsourcing


Nowadays, a lot of companies want to outsource their business processes but they are hesitating because of security issues. The concern is logical because an organization’s policy does not allow sharing their sensitive and confidential information to outside. Listed below are some the top guidelines which enable you to outsource securely and get benefited with offshore outsourcing.

If you follow these simple guidelines strictly, you can enjoy outsourcing!

In-house Security Policy

You must check your in-house security policies before starting outsourcing as it makes whole process smooth and safe. The defined polices created by your stakeholders, managers and employees give optimum protection to your company’s sensitive information.

Choose Right Partner

Spend adequate time in selecting right outsourcing partner for your business needs. You must also ensure that selected partner has strict security policies in his organization to protect your information from any misuse.

Intellectual Property Policy

Before engaging with an outsourcing partner, you need to check if they have intellectual property protection laws or not. Discuss your privacy and intellectual property policies with selected partner in-detail and ensure they follow rules stringently.

Data Protection

To prevent privilege abuse and vulnerability exploitation, you need to employ database monitoring gateways and application layer fire walls in your organization. Employing these functionalities, you can protect your data one hundred percent.

Proper Training

Ask your outsourcing partner to provide required training to their employees on sensitive data handling. A proper training can protect your data on all stages of process and you can experience hassle-free outsourcing.

Least Privilege

Always give your outsourcing partner a limited access to your data or information. You can also share records in parts and monitor activities to ensure 100% data security.

Storage Devices

Check if your outsourcing partner is monitoring mobile and storage devices strictly. Utilizing photographic function of a mobile device, anyone can easily usurp data without authorization.

Leak-Proof traffic

Ensure that your outsourcing services partner checks outbound internet traffic and emails regularly to eliminate information leak instances. Your partner must examine outbound emails of suspected employees.

Network Security Audits

To identify problems and potential weaknesses with the applications, databases and devices on the network, you must perform regular application, database and network security audits.

Prevention Technologies

Inquire your outsourcing partner if they have technology to control data exploitation and protect sensitive data from being emailed or copied. Also, make sure their employees follow rules and policies set by you.

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