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Tips to Shoot an Epic Panorama Photo and Stitch Panoramic Picture


A professional picture surely adds to the charm and grace but if an adequate technique gets evolved to create a transformational impact, they convey the perfection. Just the same ways a panorama photo is one of the thing which pretends to capture the larger frame where the distant objects seems to look smaller and further and the actual picture adds the defining view.

Usually in case of framing landscapes where the snowy mountains and Greenland persists the panorama picture is a way out. Therefore a professional shoot and stitching is all one requires for deriving the better results for a panorama photo. Therefore signifying the professional Panorama Photo shoot and stich the article highlights the basic idea and concept in the domain.

A panorama image is pretty simple, and it has certain feel and sense, which infuses the sensation of being at that particular scene. Thus in order to create that impact a picture is taken from several angles and stitching of the picture is done likely. But experimentation is always welcomed apart from these points.

Usage of Camera

Using an enhanced and quality camera is always recommended, thus if done with DSLR they derive convenient and optimum effect. Hence just using a wide lens is just not enough, a standard size lens is required for capturing the picture. Therefore the suggestive lens size of 40mm and 100mm can be used where one can expect to get a perfect panorama photo. As a suitable camera is determinant factor for having a great picture.

Camera Setting

Have few sample pictures with you for editing and recreating the wow impact as it helps at the time of final touch. And do make sure to have the camera in manual mode setting of aperture and shutter speed. Turn off the focus point of your picture to grab the natural picture as the idea here is not to capture a particular point instead a whole image is appreciating.

And usually all panoramic pictures are taken vertically as it leaves the scope to crop the top and bottom wherein likely the dead space gets properly utilized. A level tripod might be helpful but they are not necessarily the compulsory option. Photoshop and Light room have the great potential to create potential panoramic view and flash.

Exposures and White Balance

Removing of all the filters is the way to capture a terrific panoramic image. And taking a picture with ram format helps in creating a desirable impact as the natural picture with effects adds to the beauty. Thereby if the filters such as exposures and white balance are applied, they provide a panoramic image which is cool. Hence make the most of picture editing and assure that too much of it is avoided.


If you are using a level tripod that would be good, this will not allow camera’s angle to shift up and down. But tripod is not absolutely essential, if you are hand-holding just keep your camera level while shooting images for the panorama. To capture the landscape, make as many as needed images and do not forget to overlap each shot because overlaps allow computer to detect images for line up.


There are many programs available to create panorama picture, some of these are PTgui, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. Many people use combination of Photoshop and Lightroom OR PTgui and Photoshop to get desired results.


However, panoramic pictures are a perfect selection only in few of the cases especially when the landscape is too big, dramatic and epic. Thus by paying attention to those little details one can create an image which is stunning and can go long ways in developing a strong impression. Additionally, a panorama picture turns out greatly, when taken from a particular angle as it changes the image quality completely.

Photography is a skill which must be cherished and embraced. As it’s not about only clicking a random picture instead it requires a quest to capture a beautiful glance. With the added features of technical details, a hint of detail created by the professional editor makes it almost impossible to deny the natural beauty of a Panorama Photo. Therefore proceed on towards creating a terrific photo by following the above steps.

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