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The resume processing and CV formatting is a very time-consuming and daunting task for recruitment firms, employment consultants and businesses. They all receive a lot of resumes from candidates seeking employment and these resumes have same information such as qualification, key skill sets, work experience, etc. in different formats which makes selection process difficult. It is really tough to find a suitable candidate from massive pile of data called resumes as you need to compare CVs before making a decision. To convert all resumes in a standard format, you need resume processing services. If you process resumes data in-house, it could be expensive for you as extracting pertinent data from resumes and managing it is not your core business. The smart decision would be outsourcing resume processing services to a company that specializes in the same field.

A Trusted Partner to Outsource Resume Processing Services

Data Outsourcing India is one of leading companies who offer quality resume processing services and CV formatting services in bulk. Our resume processing service experts have years of experience in delivering tailor-made CV processing services to clients across the world. We provide end-to-end CV processing and resume formatting services to recruitment firms, HR departments and job portals. At DOI, we strictly follow data security and information privacy, which assure you that your data is in safe hands. Moreover, our data processing services experts work closely with your in-house staff to ensure maximum quality and high accuracy in every resume as per the guidelines received from you. To speed up your processes and get access to highly skilled resources, outsource resume processing services to us today.

A Widest Range of Resume Processing Services and CV Formatting Services, Data Outsourcing India Offers

As an offshore resume processing company, we are committed for fast turnaround, accuracy and affordability. Over the years, we have processed millions of resumes for diverse industry verticals across the globe. Hire resume processing experts with us today and get consistent quality results even with tight deadlines. Our resume processing and CV formatting services include:

  • Formatting font styles and sizes
  • Resume Formatting resume layouts
  • Laying emphasis on specific information
  • Resume data structuring
  • Resume data repositioning
  • Resume editing to up to certain degree
  • Professional resume processing
  • Resume editing service
  • Professional resume formatting
  • Resume formatting for uniformity

Why Choose DOI for Outsourcing Resume Processing Services?

Since 2006, we have been helping many staffing & recruitment agencies, job boards or portals, job fair organizers, corporation HR departments, etc. Our massive experience in resume processing and CV formatting services allows us to handle any size and difficulty of project with ease. Here are few more reasons to choose us as your professional resume processing partner:

Tailor-Made CV Processing Services

We customize our processes to meet your specific needs so that you can achieve your business goals easily. Our CV processing experts deliver you maximum productivity with highest level of accuracy in each venture.

Highly Affordable

Our CV formatting services are very cost-effective for every size of company (small, medium and large). We always offer competitive prices that helps you to reduce more than 60% of your operational expenses.

99.995% Accuracy

The QA process and vast experience enable us to deliver you maximum accuracy in each project. We prepare checklist based on the guidelines received and provide special training to staff assigned on your account.

Information Security and Confidentiality

All data or information shared by you with us during venture will be kept secured. We sign NDA with each client and do not share any information or data with third parties.

24×7 Support

Our ms-word processing experts are available round-the-clock by either email or phone to answer your queries or questions. We give special attention to each client whether new or existing.

Free Trial

We offer a no-obligation and absolutely free trial to new customers so that they can experience our services without any business commitment. Get in touch with us today.



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