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How You Can Spy on Your eCommerce Competitors?


Knowledge is always vital power everywhere. It becomes more important if you sell products online. In this competitive market, there is no doubt that every eCommerce store owners want to reach the top of mountain. If you want to cross the all levels of success, you need to know how your competitors operate and what strategies they use to achieve success.

It is also very necessary to spy on your eCommerce competitors when you set up your business. After that you need to make it monthly or quarterly habit in your business task. Here we are giving you some ways how you can spy on your eCommerce competitors:

Who are your online competitors?

You can search by same keyword of your business type in google and from top results you can know about your competitors. If your business is on initial stage then your competitors can be on google second or third page of search results and you need to first focus on them.

How many players are there in the market?

You can make an excel to figure out how many competitors are in the current market.

How long have your competitors in this market?

How old the competitor’s domain is, you can check it on whois. Here, you can get the information when the domain is registered.

How many back links does your eCommerce competitor have?

The quality links helps to improve the ranking of website. So you need to focus on external website linking of our competitor’s website. How many quality back links they have? Where they are linked? You can check here: You need to enter the domain name. You can find all list here.

How many product pages are indexed?

You can take an idea of your competitor’s website by the number of product pages they have indexed. To find the no. of indexed pages in google, you can check here:

About their website

To stand in this competitive market, you need to focus on other competitor’s product price, shipping options, product images and product descriptions. Check if their site is optimized for mobile?

Social Media

Check their social media sites where they stand in there. Are they active? What they post and how they answer their customers etc.

What is their site technology?

You can check what site technology they are using. For example: Flash using websites gets more rank as compared to html coding using website. To search out what technology they are using, you can search here:

How much their traffic?

To get idea of your competitor’s site traffic, you can check here: .You can find here how many visitors come on their site.

What is their marketing strategy?

Try to find out, what marketing strategies they are generally using such as pay-per-click. Are they trying to create an email list?

By using all above tricks you can measure of your competitor’s and decide what you need to do more and what not to do. The main thing is where you need to do improvement for optimizing your eCommerce site.



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