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How to Identify and Cleanse Bad Sales Leads In CRM or Any Database?


Sales lead is an accelerating tool for business. Thus in order to have unaffected and seamless operations, it’s imperative to have accurate sales leads. As a bad sales lead can variably distorts the functions of the business, where it primarily leads to lower revenue due to interrupted sales leads and in turn reduces the morale of employees.

So, what’s a Bad Sales Lead?

A sales lead is the profile of the prospective customer which states the name, mobile number, e-mail id, etc. of the individual. But a bad sales lead is the information which has incorrect or incomplete customer information. Wherein a greater amount of bad sales leads constitutes of incomplete information.

The Varies Types of Bad Sales Leads

Repetitive Nature

The major issues with bad sales leads occur due to duplicity of data where there is no provision to replace or delete the repeated data. And it thereby results in over messaging to the leads.

Incorrect Information

The other reasons of bad sales leads are invalid data, where the basic information such as phone number or e-mail id is invalid or the customer profile has the fake name on it.

Legal Issues

The sales leads are fetched from the unauthorized sources and are not in compliances with the rules and regulations. And there exists an unstructured sales lead which makes it difficult to segregate the genuine sales lead from the bad sales leads.

Thus after figuring out the bad sales leads, get to know about the ways to cleanse bad sales lead from the CRM.

Regular Check

The first step in data cleaning is to have an ideal data for the company’s CRM. Whereas regular updating of the data can lead to eliminating of the bad sales lead. And can generate profit from higher conversion rates, accelerated sales cycle, etc.

Authentic Source

Reduce the multiple sources for generating the leads and restrict to authentic sources provided by the government of have adequate sales leads database. Cleanse the bad sales leads data through strategic approach wherein decide the major factor for disruption in the sales lead and prioritize the tasks accordingly. For instance, cleaning of sales leads having invalid contacts, cleaning the data from the particular source, etc.

Focusing upon Target Audience

Clean the bad sales lead data by removing the customers who are not interested in the service/ product or eliminate the leads which don’t fit in the definition of target audience for your business. Thereby update the phone numbers, and e-mails, etc. Clean the data and segregate the data on the basis of your target audience and then let it reach the dedicated database and reduce the chaos.


A sales lead data experts helps in managing the data accurately without any delay. And in turn by standardizing the data, it aims to boosts the sales growth through technological advancement. However, with this approach the sales and marketing team can work hand in hand to improve the business situation. Additionally, an authentic data and desired information is the key to success in business these days. And is an ultimate way to reach the audience smartly.



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