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7 Ways to Avoid Common Data Entry Errors Effectively


Before understanding the ways to avoid common data entry errors, let’s get to know about the frequent errors which occur during data entry.

Issues of Data Formatting

Unorganized formatting of data adds to the complexity and inefficiency in data formatting arises immense confusion at the time of feeding or finding data.

Misinterpretation of Data

Dealing in tones and volumes of data can be tedious if data is not systematized. For instance, if the groups and columns are misrepresented it can be of trouble for the third party to review it.

Rectification of Probable Errors

A transposition error is a common human mistake, wherein if you wish to write 123, you can accidentally type 132. Transcription error which, pertains to the inclusion of repeated words, typographical words, etc.

But it’s manageable to get rid of such errors and attain proficiency in data entry by following the below steps to avoid common data entry errors.

Usage of Automated Software

Setting up automated data entry error software such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) verifies the data and notifies the incorrect data entry instantly. For example- reminding about the increase or decrease in characters at the time of entering account number.

Maintaining Data Quality

Maintaining the high standards of data quality is an elementary factor. By taking into account the desired monitoring process, geocoding, linking, data profiling, etc. achieving hold on data entry error is comforting. And with these considerations resolving data entry errors becomes easy.

Training and Expertise

Providing training on data entry errors is the best way to reduce data entry flaws. Marking probable areas of mistakes and laying caution and attention while data entry is one way to reduce the data entry errors and highlighting the core details of data that are prone to errors are other relevant aspects of data correction.

Finding the Source

Identifying the pattern of data inaccuracies is an integral step in rectifying the problem in data entry errors. Finding out the cause of the error and mitigating the source of data entry, in this case, one can determine whether the problem has accrued from an internal or external source of information.

Setting Timeline

Setting up realistic time limits for completion of the data entry keeps at bay common data entry errors as a rushed work with speedy execution creates plenty of mistakes. The appropriate timeline thereby reduces the chances of data entry error to minimum.

Favorable Working Condition

A right working condition with adequate office supplies plays a vital factor in data accuracy. Make sure the employee is seated in a favorable working environment for the job to do. A silent space with enough light can be a suitable workspace for such tasks.

Data Entry Checks

With the predominance of various data entry error checking software, gaining efficacy in data entry is feasible. As they brief about common data entry mistakes, and with the facility of regular checks, they assist in eliminating re-entry of data.


Updating of data systems to resonate with current times is a primary component followed by Data Outsourcing India. Effortlessly instigating lesser manual work and more of auto-correction mode, we help you in avoiding common data entry errors.



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