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5 Manual Data Entry Challenges That Almost Every Organization Faces


Nowadays the importance of data entry outsourcing services is very well known to all companies across the world. They know how much paper-free business is an effective way to succeed in this competitive market. Most of the companies go for paper-less as they are fully aware that it will not only help to boost their productivity but also remain them in a culture with no trail of papers.

The main reason of adopting digitization of paper documents is to increase overall efficiency, productivity and improvement in co-ordination. Your journey of data entry process starts first with manual data entry when you adopt digitization.

Below is a list of manual data entry challenges which almost every organization faces:

1. Slow Turnaround Time

When the time to deal with heavy or complicated text, the requirement of number of keystrokes per hour increase as well. The average range of good speed of data entry from paper documents ranges between 10,000 to 15,000 keystrokes per hour, on the other hand data capture from document images is quicker as compare to others. But the problem is that companies generally have not high-speed scanners to convert paper documents to images to get result of faster data entry. This is the reason why the chances of manual data entry process require maximum optimization.

2. Elevated Error Rate

Elevated error rate happens when there is inadequate training to data entry professionals, unreadable handwritten forms, misunderstanding the comments etc. So, whatever the reason but it reduces the goodwill of brand and also effects on the internal operations and customer satisfaction. Businesses should take quick action towards it and try to know the reasons of error and the error rate.

3. Distraction from Core Business Tasks

Manual data entry distracts the employees from other important business tasks. This will definitely put effect on the organizaton to get business goals in the future.

Manual data entry plays an important role for unstructured data and its validation. For manual data entry, many organizations across the globe choose outsourcing option to overcome the challenges they generally faced while doing the process in-house. Business Process Outsourcing companies provide high quality data entry, scale-able operations and optimal turnaround time that is best for manual data entry.

4. Spike in Amount of Data Entry

When there is a time of huge sale in eCommerce business, that time requirement of enormous volume of data entry from paper catalogs to their websites increase as well. Like this, when a manufacturing company open a new office in some new location might have an unexpected inflow of purchase orders from new clients. This type of unexpected spike in manual data entry work place enormous stress on manual data entry team and might be result in lots of mistakes as well.

5. Quality Control

Generally, data entry work on 1/10/100 rule that can be in the form of dollar 1 to verify data accuracy and dollar 10 to clean up or amend data, on the other hand dollar 100 or more can be spend on each record if timely action is not taken. It means that quality control forms are an important part of the manual data entry process and businesses need to take wise decision while adding up quality check personnel to examine the accuracy of manual data entry work completed.

As these challenges are not so easy to handle that’s why companies outsourcing manual data entry services to offshore experts who have all the necessary tools and required experience to achieve high level of accuracy. An outsourcing partner not only helps you to get project completed within the time-frame but also saves your time and money.



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