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10 Powerful Methods of Data Capture


With long-lasting innovating progress in information technology, most of the data in current world is stored and transferred in the form of PDF files, electronic-forms, codes, mails and web-content etc. Though, a large amount of data gathered in the form of manually filled or written documents. So, the result is that there are multiple methods of data capturing available that need to adopt based upon the original source in which data is present.

Many businesses need to decide which data capture method should be adopt that can fully fulfil their purpose. In this blog, we are highlighting some basic methods of data capturing and major differences among them.

1. Manual Data Capture

The process of manual data capturing performs with the help of an operator who use input devices such as keyboard, touch screens and mouse etc. to capture data and covert that in the form of figures or text into Excel or any other software. This method of data capturing is very time consuming.

2. Automated Data Capture

The method of automated data capture contains computerised technology to capture data. On the initial stage, this method has a higher cost because of purchase of technology but the requirement of manpower is low. Different technologies such as OCR, ICR, OMR and others included in automated data capture.

3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition is a technology that is use to convert different kinds of machine-printed documents such as image files, PDF files into searchable and editable data.

4. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Intelligent character recognition is a technology that helps to identify and capture handwritten printed characters from image files. ICR technology is less accurate and complicated as compare to other methods.

5. Optical Mark Reading (OMR)

Optical Mark Reading is a method that is used to detain human marked data from documents like forms and surveys. This method is perfect to differentiate between marked and unmarked boxes.

6. Magnetic Ink character Recognition (MICR)

This type of method has a capability to recognise characters, a special formatted character that are printed in magnetic ink by a machine. This method is mostly used by banking industry where they need to speed up the processing of cheques and other documents. The other main benefit of this method is that data can be easily read by humans also.

7. Magnetic Stripe Cards

In this type of method, data generally store by using magnetic properties of certain materials. These magnetic stripe cards are used for electronically storing particular numbers related to credit cards and identity cards.

8. Smart-Cards

Smart-Cards have more memory space as compare to magnetic cards and they can be easily used for data related such as personal identification, authentication and bio-metrics etc.

9. Web-Data Capture

Web-Data capture is a technology that involves capture data from electronic forms with the help of internet.

10. Voice-Recognition

This method is use to convert speech into text. It does not matter if the text is simple or have a set of commands.


As per the differences in the types of data and their sources, we have to choose different methods of data capturing. By selecting appropriate method, you can save your time and money of your business. I am sure, this article provided you full information regarding different methods of data capturing and their processes.



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