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10 Best Ways to Protect Your eCommerce Site from Hacking and Fraud


These days we continuously hear about website hacking and stealing data from an eCommerce website and it has become a serious problem for both customers and business owners frequently.

In today’s scenario, mostly people prefer to do online shopping but if the eCommerce website is not fully secured from hacking and fraud then the business and the shopper can have to pay a high price in terms of the stealing a confidential information. So, the main question is how we can secure our eCommerce website?

In this blog, we give you 10 tips for protecting your eCommerce website from hackers and fraud.

1. Choose a secure eCommerce platform

You should put your eCommerce website on a platform that uses an erudite object-oriented programming language. You can build your store on trusted platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify as when you host your store on these platforms that means you are paying people to take care of your store. These platforms continuously monitor all stores on their platform and take fast action if any problem found.

2. Keep Data Encrypted

To keep data encrypted, SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is a best option that build customer’s trust for their online transactions. Most of the corporates and search engines have started to adopt an SSL certificate on their website for customer’s security. SSL certificate help to reduce fake purchases and keep your customer’s information secure.

3. Don’t store confidential data

It would be better if we don’t store a large scale of customer’s confidential information on a server as it can attract attackers to steal that confidential information. Don’t store any sensitive information such as credit card information, expiration dates etc. Try to use information as minimum as possible.

4. Require strong passwords

You should instruct the customers to keep password long because longer passwords are difficult to break. To make password strong, you can also use special characters, numeric numbers and both small and capital alphabets. You can also send reminders to your customers to change their password in the gap of 15 days or 30 days.

5. Set up a system alert

Set up a system alert to catch if any person seems doubtful during their online transactions. For example:- If a person order multiple things with different addresses, credit cards and phone number from the same IP then that should be traced and automatically informed to server administration.

6. Use Firewall Security

Firewall alerts you when doubtful events occur on the server. So, use firewall security because firewalls monitor traffic that comes onto the server and helps your website from virus attacks.

7. Educate your employees

As you are in an eCommerce business, you need to tell your employees about security measures as mostly employees open many websites without alertness of hackers and can easily become a victim of cyber attack. Educate them not to use confidential information in chat or email as these methods are not secure.

8. Keep your system updated

Keep your system updated on timely basis to avoid cyber-attack as cyber attackers take advantage of those software that are not updated properly.

9. Regular backup your data

To take backup of your data on regular basis is very essential otherwise you can lose your data if any power outage, hard drive failure or virus attack happens at your system.

10. Employ an address and card verification system

Use an address and card verification service for credit card transactions to save your website from hackers and fraud. Only ship order to the verified credit card billing address and take signature for the delivery to make sure the package was received by the buyer.


Security is the main factor for online buyers. So, if your website has lack security measures then you definitely loss your business sales. From the above ways, you can ensure your customers and protect your website from hackers and fraud. It is not only essential for your business revenue but also for your customers.



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