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Why Duplicate Data Is Not Good for Your Business?


Duplicate data is one of the biggest problems that businesses have to go through in their daily task list. However, it does not get full attention as compare to inaccurate or incomplete data gets. In this blog, you can look at some of the most important reasons why duplicate data is bad for your business.

Marketing Budget Waste

Duplicate records can result in a wasteful marketing activity in many ways. You may have to pay double, triple or more for the design, development and delivery cost while sending to same recipient especially when you run a direct mail campaign. By removing duplicates or de-duplicating data, you can reduce your marketing expenses.

Unnecessary Data Storage

Duplicate records take lots of space and use unnecessary data storage of your database. That is why you have to face unnecessary expenses to your investment on duplicates records.

Poor Branding

Duplicate records not only effect on cost but also on brand too. As there can be branding issues that comes from duplicate emails, mailings or other marketing campaigns. Your company’s goodwill goes down when consumers receive two, three or more repeated messages.

Negative Targeting Implications

The other thing of duplicate records is that they create remarkable challenges for effective targeting. It makes more tough for software to exact match people. You may get unnecessary increased weight of specific person’s activities.

Ineffective Customer Service

Duplicate records play an important role in the effectiveness of customer service as they have ability to make it ineffective or less efficient. It makes difficult for employees to figure out which is the right one account of customer among the other five accounts.

The result comes is that it takes time in response queries of customers, isolate customers and less opportunity for add-on selling. If we eliminate duplicate records, it not only reduces employees’ frustration but also improve customer relationships.

Let us help you!

If you want to safe your company from the effects of duplicate records with an inexpensive way. You can hire Data Outsourcing India, here we have professionals who are adept in eliminating duplicate records and deliver you data in accurate way. Our data deduplication services expert uses all necessary steps such as Data Merging, Data Matching and Data Purging to remove duplicate records from your database.



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