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Useful Tips to Improve User Experience Via eCommerce Data Entry Form


Do you know how eCommerce data entry form keeps effects on sales? Have you noticed how one places order on an eCommerce website? When you order you select the cart but the order start only when you click on the “Buy Now” button. It moves you direct to the form page. A form page should not be messy and clumsy as it can irritate buyer. Customers can drop the idea of purchasing from that eCommerce store. Moreover, it’s the forms usability that evaluates decline in conversion rate.

In this blog, we will highlight few ideas that can help you in creating excellent forms:

Use default values in the field

When the form pops up it takes few seconds for customers to understand what’s going on. But default entries in the fields helps to move out customer from that puzzle in few seconds. So enter the sample entries in the fields so that customers can get the idea of the format how it will look like.

Keep the data compatible to source

The form fields should be compatible to the source information. For example: If there is a field of entering PAN card number then there should be default setting of inserting 10-digit alphanumeric number. Otherwise, it will reject the entry.

Formatting should be automatic

Make sure form formatting is automatic such as while entering percent or dollar sign it should not require manual formatting. When the customer enters the data, the form should automatically adjust the field.

Draft enough length of text boxes

The fields for text entry should be lengthy enough so that the text can clearly envision.

Differentiate optional fields from mandatory

It should be separately defines the optional and mandatory fields. You can put asterisk in front of mandatory field.

Redirect user to the wrong field if error occurs

While entering wrong inputs in fields if error occurs, you should redirect the user to the same field.

It’s not too late to set up the easiest form that the customer will love to fill. Moreover, you can transform your existing form to impress your customers.



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