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Top 5 SEO Blunders That Effects on Your eCommerce Websites


Generally online merchants assume that if they start list hundreds or thousands of products on their e-commerce website then search engine automatically start scrolling their website. They are very far from reality and not aware from the fact. The fact is that by having several pages continuously shuffling, there can be several problems happen that make SEO very difficult for your eCommerce websites.

Here, we are going to highlights top 5 SEO blunders that effects on your eCommerce websites.

1. Lack of Product Descriptions

The description of product should be not only detailed but also comprehensive. If you keep less description or no description on your product pages, it would not make your customers satisfied or confident to complete a purchase from your online store. People also would not pay attention on your products if there is no description in your product pages. Also, it makes you pages less important compared to competitors in terms of eCommerce SEO strategy.

Few things you need to keep in mind while adding description in product pages.

  • You should add quality descriptive content to help customers so that they can take purchasing decision easily.
  • Make your own unique description. Don’t take description from other sites.
  • You should test word count for your description as too much content might hurt your conversion.

2. Using Product Description from Manufacturers

Manufacturers site descriptions in its original form are using by many online stores. But people who are aware about Google strategies and algorithm, know very well that they can be filtered out of the search engines results if they use manufacturer’s site descriptions. Unique content is always king for positive SEO results. But it can be tedious task to write unique descriptions for thousands of products. That is why mostly people are hiring service provider companies who are adept in writing unique product descriptions.

3. Lack of Product Reviews

Product reviews makes customer’s mind while taking purchasing decision. That is why 90% of potential customers look at product reviews before purchasing product. It means if your site has no or lack of reviews, you might be miss your potential customers. The other benefit of product reviews pages is that they can be easily reach to top of the search results as compare to other selling or product pages.

4. Not Optimizing Product Pages Based on the Search Demand

Make sure you are adding search keywords that people generally use for search particular product when you are writing titles and descriptions. If you don’t add them, you may face a situation in which you are promoting something that no one is searching for.

Tips to optimize your product pages:

  • Make sure you are using brand names in your title tags and H1 headings.
  • Also always use model numbers in your title tags and H1 headings.
  • Make sure you are filling image alt tag information.

5. Non-Unique Titles

The titles on your product pages should be unique as they play an important role to help search engines to recognize your website. With unique titles, you can make a separate identity on search engine results.

Paying proper attention to the details, you can void these SEO mistakes and protect your ecommerce websites from SEO blenders’ negative effects. In other words, you can improve SERPs rankings and enhance overall conversion on your e-commerce websites.



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