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How Wedding Image Editing Style Will Shape 2020?


The mindset of the people has been changed and now people are adopting new things day by day. Wedding event is a precious memorable time of every one’s life. Wedding pictures keep our wedding moments alive throughout the life. When you get your wedding photographs in your hand, you want everything should be perfect.

The one thing we noticed that wedding photography has been changed every year as new things are adding day by day. In this blog, we will take a virtual tour on some of the expected photo editing trends that will shape in 2020. Let’s start:

1. More Relaxed Weddings

The outlook of the society has been changed and now the serious and formal stuff has left their space. Now couples feel more relaxed in their marriage ceremonies. They want to make their special day without any hassles. All these relax moods automatically effects on wedding photographs. We are expecting that it will more increase in 2020 weddings.

2. Reportage / Documentary

Nowadays, video films are designed to this type so that they can capture whole journey of couple’s wedding thoroughly. All journeys of couple’s wedding and emotions take place by video films. This trend is highly in demand and we can expect this trend is double in 2020.

3. First Look Photo

The moment of react to anything in wedding first time is beautiful and capture it will be very beautiful in wedding pictures albums. It can be anything such as groom’s reaction to see bride’s dress up and the moment of emotional reaction of bride’s family. It is very popular among people and 100% chances that will continue in the coming years.

4. Proposal Shots

Marriage proposal is a memorable feeling for everyone life and cannot go out from fashion. Nowadays, classical proposal pose is in fashion. Everybody loves this type of proposal and wants to capture that moment. They want to re-do this pose in their wedding. We are expecting these proposal shots and videos with little bit differences such as bride proposing to groom in 2020.

5. Selfie Shots

In today’s environment and technology, selfie shots are easy and popular. It would not be wrong if we say selfies are a big part of today’s vernacular and Internet-based society. Therefore, social-media-savvy couples love to shoot at selfie stations with their friends and family to make their wedding time memorable.

6. Drone Aerial Photos

This trending technique going to be used more compare to the last years because its a good way to capture the spirit and excitement of the wedding day or party. Utilizing this technique photographers can capture from different angles and take overhead shots of just the bride and groom. Drones (except few) give higher quality photos, which make wedding pictures eye-catching.

7. Albums

Yes, wedding albums are back and now people are asking for albums again with USB drive or download link. In 2020, it is expected that albums would be more popular because it is a great way to keep your memories alive. Also, physical albums help to relive the day going through selected photos available in a beautiful album.

8. Day-After Photos

This is a latest trend which is very popular nowadays. For maximum people, wedding day is messy and stressful because they have lots of things to do at the same day. Also, sometimes photographers have lighting issue, time crunch, etc. means they are not able to take the shots properly as they want that is why day-after shoots are gaining popularity. The day-after shoot allows photographers to take pictures on different locations with diverse angles. Moreover, it gives additional time to happy couple for finding desired venue, apparel, jewelry, pose, theme, etc.

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