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High-Quality Data Entry Services for Startup and Established Companies in the United States


Adding or updating electronic data into computer called data entry, in simple terms. The field is quite large and can easily fit in the requirements of diverse business formats and segments. Data has become central for every organization and perfection in the maintenance of the same is the pre-requisite of every company. The voluminous data across industry verticals can be successfully sorted and organized with the help of trained data entry experts. An efficient data entry services expert will definitely be an asset to the company as he or she will add to business productivity. Managing data-entry is a time-consuming process and can increase the expenses of a company. Hence outsourcing the task to offshore data entry experts is the most sought-after solution.

The USA is one of the biggest countries in the world and has strong economy. Also, there are evidences that prove United States economy gets benefited when US based companies outsource data entry and other non-core business processes to countries such as India. This helps startup and established organizations across diverse states in the country to cut on operational costs, increase productivity and boost business processes. As a result, the country is able to surface savings that makes economy robust. Several countries across the world are engaged in offering data-entry services as outsourcing data entry from United States has also created job opportunities for them.

The services offered by the data entry companies in India for Startup and Established Companies in the United States:

Product Data Entry

The product data entry services allow online retail companies to competitively handle the product information and data across e-commerce platforms. The list of e-commerce platforms and marketplaces is increasing by the day and so is the requirement for product data entry, which can be effortlessly handled by the trained professionals.

Catalog Data Entry

Product catalogue data entry services include data indexing, data capture, image tagging, data archiving, data updating, and much more. E-catalogue data entry services can help online store owners to keep their product database fresh and up-to-date so that the client satisfaction of the highest level is achieved.

Invoice Data Entry

Professional data entry experts can help you to input invoices, purchase orders, credit and debit memos into excel spreadsheet, CMS platforms, and finance software applications accurately. Moreover, they can help you to capture, index / extract, validate and archive financial data or document.

Document Data Entry

The document data entry services are the most common outsourced services from US companies, start-ups and established both type of companies require document management and data entry support. The perfect example of this sort of data entry is survey forms, invoices, research documents, insurance documents, insurance documents, warrant cards, and much more. Special software has been designed to support the task and experts can handle the same with competence.

Image Data Entry

Image data entry service includes image capturing, image merging, image storage, image storing, image indexing, and much more which can be handled by the outsourcing companies in India who have sound knowledge in the relevant field.

Material Safety Data Sheet Data Entry

MSDS data entry services include MSDS data entry, MSDS forms scanning, MSDS forms indexing, MSDS data classification and MSDS data updating. The data entry professionals in India can produce effective results for the companies in states like North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, New York, etc.

Legal Document Data Entry

The legal documents data entry services are also one of the most sought-after services as the legal data is voluminous and handling the same is a challenging task. The companies situated in the States (Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc.) of United States, can get the task outsourced for better productivity.

Medical Data Entry

To manage the patient records, history, discharge details, summaries, etc. efficiently, you can outsource medical data-entry services to experts in India. They can handle all processes with competence because they have experience in the industry.


The world of data entry is large and can be handled with ease by the experts only. The best solution is to outsource the task so that the productivity is increased. It turns out to be cost-effective and a time-saving tool for the companies in the United States or USA. Key states and territories of the United States such as California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan are outsourcing data entry, back office support, and KPO projects to India and saving more than 40% on operational expenses without negotiating on quality level.



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