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3 Types of Link-Building That Will Help Your Website to Rank High


To improve the customer experience and increase your site ranking, it is very essential to use the right types of links on your website. In this blog, we will explain three types of links that are vital for your website.

1. Backlinks (Inbound Links)

Backlinks are those hyperlinks that we receive from other website. In fact, backlinks are one of the best types of link-building to improve your site rank. But the problem is happen, when SEO professionals try to get as many backlinks as possible to boost search rank. But as per Google strategies, quality matters not quantity.

You can get quality backlinks by following these parameters:

Create valuable content that generates interest: If you want to make the quality backlinks then make a valuable content that you really want to share with your visitors.

Find good linking candidates and ask them to link to your site: Focus on your competitor’s website and make a note which sites they are links to their website. You can use SEMrush which helps you get list of their backlinks. You just need to type competitor’s URL in it. When your content is ready, contact those site owners and other related site owners for link your website.

Look for high-authority domains: Some domains provide extra search ranking value such as .edu and .gov etc. These domains provides high-authority link.

Aim for link diversity: Link diversity plays very close attention in Google, so it would be better if we use a single link from a wide variety of quality sites inspite of many links from a single site.

Remove or disavow bad links: Always be regular to check the links on your site with the help of Google Search Console and if you found any low-quality link then immediately contact source website and ask them to remove the link. You can also use disavow links tool in Google Search Console to contact the Google for not using these links when accessing your site.

2. Outbound Links

There is no doubt that backlinks plays an important role in your site rank, on the other hand we can’t deny the outbound links which improve your site’s search ranking.

You should focus over the content on your site and find places where an outbound link might be valuable to your site visitors.

It is always better to create outbound links on legitimate sites as it will not only provide value to your visitors but also boost the authority of your own site.

3. Internal Links

The process of internal links is to help search engine to understand your site architecture and recognize the most important pages on your site. As a result, it increases your search rankings and enables your content to be more easily found by users. Internal links also supports visitors to find relevant content on your website and keep them longer on your site.

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