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10 Key Reasons – Google Can Be Penalize Your Website


In this blog, we will put light on 10 common causes that can make your website penalized by Google and few solutions that can be helpful in dealing with penalties.

1. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is not useful in point of Google’s view, so that content give you result in google penalty. So, always make unique and well-written content to avoid google penalty.

2. Excessive Reciprocal links

It can be a manipulation attempt if we exchange lots of links with clients.

3. Buying Links

Buying links always stand in controversy as these links be seen as an attempt to manipulate PageRank. If you have been buying bad links, it will give opposite effect on your website.

4. Linking from sites in another language

If you add link from a client in another language country, it will be counted against you.

5. Hidden Links

It will be better if all your links will be visible to users. Keep in mind that never make a link in same color as the background of a page or button even you have valid reason for that.

6. Broken External Links

If you don’t give attention to links then google will assume that you don’t care about the user experience. So, check links and remove the dead ones.

7. Overusing Meta Keywords

Sometimes meta keywords becomes a topic of discussion among people. It would be better if you don’t use more than five per page.

8. Slow Speed

If your site loads slowly, it can frustrate to users. There are many factors that effects on hosting speed. So, always use a caching plugin or a CDN right away.

9. Comment spam

It becomes necessary to avoid spams that you should keep a close eye on the comments which you are getting and don’t let spam build up. If you don’t have to do this then in that case my advice is that switch commenting off entirely.

10. Too many outbound links

It will be better if you keep it natural when you link to other websites. Too much high quantity of links is an indication that you are exchanging links with people for the sake of mutual SEO benefit.

How to Deal with Your Penalty

First you need to find out the reason of your penalty? It can be a slightly different solution to solve every problem. But we give you some suggestion that you can try:

Don’t panic as there are huge websites that suffer from penalty.

  • Disavow troublesome links. Ask Google not to count troublesome links that are harming your website. Here’s the link to the disavow tool, and here’s Matt Cutts’ advice on the subject.
  • Get some links removed. While disavow is good, it’s not perfect. Put in some legwork and try to get some of the links taken down.
  • Request reconsideration if your penalty was manual.
  • Wait it out. Sometimes it takes Google a while to act on your changes and disavow requests, and then it could take a while for it to re-crawl your site.

So, don’t panic if your website penalized by google as mostly penalties can be fixed with a little exertion and proper method to reconstruct your site.



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