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Photo Enhancement, Photo Retouching Services

Client Overview

The client is a group of highly talented and creative photographers. They have a photojournalistic, maternity, wedding and fashion background that creates a style with imagery that is unique to each of their clients. They do photography to evoke emotions and capture exciting moment and fun experiences.


As the client is a team of photographers they do photography of many peoples in different occasions or places on same day. The client was quite busy in photography assignments and do not had time to retouch or enhance captured photos. On this stage, they decided to outsource photo retouching and enhancement job to us so that they can improve delivery time for their customers.

The key challenge was obviously quick turnaround time with perfection of quality. Also, they needed expert photo editors who can handle various types of treatment because every photo needs a unique modification.


As the client was concerned for turnaround time and quality in results, we selected some of the best photo editors or graphic editors from our existing teams. The team was in touch with client directly via email and Skype to get quick feedback on job completed, also we requested suggestion from client initially to improve quality of processed photos.

We set up a secured FTP server to deliver enhanced or retouched photos to client. Additionally, we presented some ideas in front of client to improve quality of processed photos. These ideas were appreciated by all of the photographers associated in group.


With the help of our dedicated photo editors, client was able to focus on extra new business leads. Also, client received many compliments from their customers for quick turnaround and quality results delivered. We are producing more than 1200 photos per day for the client.

By outsourcing process to us client improved their sales conversions successfully. We reduced client’s hassles by improving quality level, increasing efficiency, saving on infrastructure and offering staffing flexibility.

About Us

Data Outsourcing India offers specialized photo editing, photo enhancement and retouching services. Our teams are highly skilled with Photoshop advanced tools and can manage easily various tasks such as photo cutouts/clipping, balancing brightness, repairing scratches, creases, remove spots, figure/feature correction etc. We can restore your old pictures and repair damaged photos as well to give visibility of your old moments.

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