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Data Cleansing, Validation and Verification Services

Client Overview

The client is an American mass media company that mainly involved in the segments like print, electronic and digital media. They have printing facilities across the USA with capacity of 2 million copies per hour. They provide latest breaking news from around the world on politics, entertainment, sports, business, lifestyle, technology and education.


As the company is big, the operational data is giant automatically. With the rise of duplicate email deliveries, undelivered emails and failure to reach customers by phone, the client has decided to clean and update all the existing records. To make the company, customer and user records perfect, it included rectifying spelling errors, de-duplicating data, normalizing and standardizing entries, etc.

Key Requirements by Client:

  • All mailing addresses checking and rectification
  • Validating all email addresses
  • Verifying all phone numbers
  • De-duplicating all databases
  • Searching and completing missing information
  • Removing incomplete records
  • Making company, customer and user data consistent in terms of formatting

The major challenge was conducting intense Google search to verify, validate and update details of each record so that client can eliminate unwanted marketing expenses and target the right set of customers.


Based on the client’s specific needs and project volume, we have appointed a team of 18 data cleansing specialists who hold years of experience in the field. Also, considering the client's budget and the restricted time-frame, we have tailored our solutions to meet the needs of this project. Utilizing manual data cleansing and enriching processes, our experts identified improvement areas and controlled measures while lowering costs.

Using proven technology and tools, we verified and validated all email and mailing addresses. Furthermore, to ensure consistency across the enterprise, we normalized and standardized all entries before final delivery.


As a result, we delivered our client accurate, complete, uniformed and consistent databases of company, customer and user records. With clean and updated databases, we have not only helped client in increasing efficiency of marketing campaigns, gaining easy access to validated and updated data but also reduced cost and need of physical storage space to manage unwanted records.

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Data Outsourcing India holds a wealth of experience in delivering quality data cleansing and enrichment services comprising data validation, verification and modification. Our web research, data mining, data appending and data cleansing teams work together to deliver best possible results. No project is big and complex for us, with our skilled resources and state-of-the-art tools we can deliver you tailored solutions exactly matching with your needs. We strictly follow data privacy policies and respect project deadlines.

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