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ePub Conversion Services

Data Outsourcing India provides high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, total confidentiality and cost effective epub conversion and formatting services to worldwide clients. Our professionals can create epub (electronic publication) format from a variety of source files including MS Word, RTF, Quark, InDesign, PDF, 3B2, XML, HTML, etc. While converting and formatting your books or documents into ePub format, we strictly follow the standards set by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).

IDPF is a non-profit organization who is maintaining ePub industry-wide standards for eBooks. The ePub files are designed to optimize text display for specific display device. ePub is not new in the industry now, it is very popular between leading publishers, retailers and conversion houses across the world. By converting your electronic and paper files into ePub, we can help you in expanding business opportunities and increasing circulation values. Your customers or readers can read ePub files on an assortment of hardware devices and software applications including ADE (Adobe Digital Edition), FBreader, Stanza, etc.

Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

For ebooks that contain lots of images, artworks and illustrations, we offer fixed layout ePub conversion services. Our professionals can study your book's actual page layout and create closely matching ePub layout using CSS. With fixed layout ePub conversion expertise, we can superimpose text over images, wrap text around the images, embed fonts, create multi-column text pages and set a background color (if needed). We provide customized solutions to our clients so that they can get final outcome as per the requirements and eReaders that support the fixed layout format.

Read Aloud ePub Conversion Services

If you want to eliminate the action of turning pages while reading eBooks then you need read-aloud fixed layout ePub conversion services. We at Data Outsourcing India have highly skilled coders with years of experience to convert your books laden with a huge amount of illustrations / text into read-aloud fixed layout ePub format. Our experts can code audio and video content both competently and precisely. We employ a stringent quality control process that not only ensures quality of deliverables but also integration of read aloud facility through test-to-speech engine. To automate process, we use specialized ePub conversion tools.

Enhanced ePub Conversion Services

To make your eBooks more useful, beneficial, advanced and impressive, we offer smartly designed enhanced ePub conversion services. Our dedicated professionals spend proper time to understand your unique requirements and provide you customized solutions at very cost-effective prices. You can provide us content in a format which you find easy-to-deliver and we can make it compatible with eReaders and eReading software. Our digital enhanced ePub conversion services ensure best quality with industry’s fastest turnaround time.

Why outsource ePub conversion and formatting services to us?

We have been helping many publishers, libraries, universities, corporations and technology companies worldwide for their ePub conversion projects. Our proficiency in conversion services allow us to convert WORD, RTF, QUARK, PDF, INDESIGN, XML, HTML and others formats into ePUB format efficiently. We create all ePub files manually to ensure compact and most accurate formatting. Also, we pay close attention to the details of every element including headings, footnotes, tables, graphs, etc. If you select us as your ePub conversion outsourcing partner, you gain following benefits:

  • Access to specialized conversion team
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing and special discounts
  • Free sample conversions
  • Complete data security and information privacy
  • Ability to handle large volume projects
  • Ready for distribution ePub files
  • Support for all international languages

To deliver large volume projects within stipulated time, we can contentedly reschedule our resources and working shifts. Our coders, proofreaders, typesetters and quality analysts can handle varying complexity ePub conversion projects without compromising on quality standard set by the IDPF. We entrust a dedicated project manager on your account to ensure better communication, smooth implementation and ahead of schedule delivery in all ePub conversion services ventures.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your epub conversion and formatting services outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.

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What our client says?

Data Outsourcing India has been a good company to do business with. I am more than pleased with the way the project has turned out, and with the overall experience itself.
- Mike Whiteside
(United States)