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Miva Merchant Product Data Entry Services

The Miva Merchant is one of the most flexible and secure eCommerce platforms on the web market. There are more than 60,000 merchants using Miva as their selling platform and the list is still growing. It has robust and coherent features that meet real-world needs and deliver success to online businesses. And here at DOI, we recognize the growing reputation of Miva Merchant, and have an enthusiastic team dedicated solely to providing you with cost-effective Miva Merchant back office services.

Data Outsourcing India has years of experience in managing online stores running on Miva Merchant platform. With our support you can expand your online business easily and keep your customers always satisfied. We have been helping a wide variety of industries, including furniture, apparel, jewelry, sports, plumbing, electronics, fancy lights, pet supplies, and more for their Miva Merchant product entry services needs. Our Miva Merchant product upload services experts are fully capable to handle any size and complexity of project contentedly. We clearly understand core factors that can influence your shoppers' buying decisions. Therefore, our professionals keep your online store fresh, accurate, informative and engaging.

Key Features of Our Miva Merchant Product Upload Services

We offer a rich gamut of Miva Merchant data entry services to online retailers across the globe at economical cost. Our catalog processing specialists are proficient at collating product information from an assortment of online as well as offline sources including digital catalogue, PDF catalogue, scanned brochure, printed catalog, manufacturer or supplier website, and more. Also, Miva Merchant product entry professionals at DOI are adept in uploading products manually as well as in-bulk. We can help you with everything including:

  • Creating and Managing Categories: To classify your items into appropriate categories or sub-categories, our Miva Merchant data entry workforce creates relevant categories on your website and manages them constantly. Our support in this section enables your visitors to locate products quickly and effortlessly.
  • Miva Merchant Product Image Editing: Employing latest photo editing tools and technologies, we help you to retouch and enhance your product images for attracting online buyers. We have adeptness in cropping, resizing (thumbnail, normal and zoom view), color correction, adding or removing background, and more.
  • Product Description Writing: We have a team of experienced eCommerce copywriters who can create persuasive descriptions for your products to influence purchase decisions of online shoppers. To set you apart from the competitors, our experts write in easy-to-understand language and emphasize on unique features of the products.
  • Managing Product Attribute / Attribute Sets: As part of Miva Merchant product entry services, we also help you to define product attributes such as color, size, style, material, fabric, etc. Well-defined attributes facilitate purchasers to choose right product effortlessly.
  • SEO Support for Miva Merchant: To ensure that your eCommerce store is search engine friendly, Our SEO specialists optimize product page Meta tags, product names, descriptions, URLs, and more. By modifying information, we facilitate you to gain top rankings on SERPs.
  • Order Processing / Tracking: Through our Miva Merchant product entry services, we assist you to process customers' orders promptly and accurately. Our experts can key-in order, invoice and customer information with 99.95% accuracy. We also help you in tracking orders to manage return items competently.
  • Product Inventory Management: As part of Miva Merchant product upload services, we help you to keep a track of inventory levels and update availability status on website frequently. With our product inventory management support you can better plan stock for festival or holiday seasons.
  • Miva Merchant Bulk Product Upload: If you have thousands of products to upload on eCommerce website within the short-time period, don’t need to be worry as our Miva Merchant product entry services experts can upload them quickly and accurately using CSV/ Excel and spreadsheets. We upload products in batches and cross-check on frontend to make sure everything is perfect!

Advantages with Data Outsourcing India

Outsource Miva Merchant product entry services to DOI and save more than 65% on your operational expenses without compromising on quality level and turnaround time. Our Miva Merchant data entry specialists strictly follow product and image upload guidelines laid by Miva. We aim to make your online business successful by delivering quality Miva Merchant product upload services with stringent data confidentiality policy. When you choose us as your outsourcing partner for Miva Merchant product data entry services, we allocate a dedicated Project Manager on your account who supervises team to ensure optimum accuracy and maximum productivity. Moreover, you would have authority to communicate with your team members directly and set priorities for product ranges. Get in touch today to request a no-obligation FREE TRIAL or sample work!

Dedicated Team for Miva Merchant Product Data Entry

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your Miva Merchant product data entry services outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.

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