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What Data Processing Tasks You Can Outsource Easily To Offshore Experts?


The collection and manipulation of information or data called Data Processing especially by a computer. In this process, we collect and capture raw data and transfer it into the desired output format for different business purposes.

Whether it is a small-scale business or large scales business, the requirement of data processing can happen at any department. The marketing division requires data processing for their customer feedback, on the other hand accounting division requires for their financial figures.

Data processing outsourcing has been increasing day by day because of the complexity of performing task in-house, also businesses have to face many challenges when they perform data processing task in-house.

Few of them challenges are as below:

  • Compromise in dedicated attention to important goals
  • Getting higher cost in training, technology and infrastructure
  • No guarantee of accuracy and turnaround time
  • Tying up of important resources
  • Compromise in focus on core competency
  • Inflexibility of implementation, without scope for implementing immediate change should the need happen

Types of Data Processing Tasks that can be Outsourced

1. Image Data Entry

A business who deal with images such as data capture, image sorting, indexing, merging, editing, conversion and data entry. They have good option to outsource these tasks to an expert data processing company who have experience in image data entry services.

2. Product Data Entry

As eCommerce business is booming at their level, most of the tasks such as adding product description, features, specifications, images, categories, price and sub-categories can be outsourced to save money and time.

3. Sales Invoice and Purchase Order Data Entry

It is an easy way to reduce burden of accounting team from sales invoice and purchase order data entry when they plan to outsource these tasks. It not only reduces expenses but also improves efficiency of your in-house team.

4. Manual Data Entry

In this current automation technology world, we can’t deny the requirement that can be happen sometimes crops up for manual data entry, especially for printed, unstructured or handwritten documents. It becomes more important when we need to enter data in some software such as CMS or CRM. In this case, outsourcing will be good option for your business.

5. Form Processing

All types of forms such as insurance, medical, market research, legal, shipping, registration, enrollment, loyalty, etc. can be outsource and you can concentrate on other important task.

6. Document Formatting

If we say that only publishing sector requires document formatting then it is not true. Many companies have to deal with documentation on daily basis. They require some assistance when they start to work on Word-processing related activities. They can get best results when they plan to outsource these tasks such as bookmarks and hyperlinks, inserting header and footer, caption numbering and labelling, creating table of contents etc.

7. Data Conversion

Data conversion is a process in which we convert one file format into another. Thus, these tasks such as HTML and XML conversion, eBook conversion, document conversion, PDF conversion etc. can be outsource easily.

8. Data Cleansing

A time to time maintenance is required to keep the quality of existing databases. You can easily outsource data cleansing services such as invalid records removal, duplicates elimination, correcting values, standardisation, etc.

Major benefits of Outsourcing Data Processing Services:

  • Enhanced efficiency of in-house employees and they can focus on other core business tasks
  • Cost effectiveness as investment in internal training and technology can be minimized
  • Assurance of accuracy and turnaround time, particularly if an outsourcing partner with substantial proficiency and the required credentials is chosen
  • Access to skilled talent and the latest technology for data processing
  • Flexibility and scalability of outsourcing unexpected spikes in data processing workload

When you outsource data processing services to an expert service provider such as Data Outsourcing India, you get lots of substantial benefits. Our data-processing professionals are adept at handling any size of project easily, accurately and timely. If you want to take your business to the next level, get in touch with us today.



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