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SEO Thing to be Done: Few Questions to Ask to Yourself for Your Site Ranking

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Do you know which is the largest referral source for any website? That is Organic Search Traffic. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when you are optimizing organic search results.

Did you set up tracking and measurement tools?

You need to set up some tracking and measurement tools on your eCommerce site. You can insert Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tool to keep eye on organic search results.

Google Analytics helps you keep track on web traffic trends. On other side Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tool helps you to find errors, back links, landing page and mobile friendliness issues etc.

Have you selected right keywords?

Selecting right keywords is the vital aspect when we are focusing on improving organic search performance. Think what generally people search for your products. Google’s Keyword Planner tool helps you to find out similar keywords. Try to use keywords that have high search volume and related to your business.

Does each page have a unique title?

Page title is the second most important on-page SEO element. Try to keep page title below 70 characters. Sometimes when there are thousands of products in the site then it is difficult to write unique titles. In that case, it is better to use the product name as page title.

Does each page have a unique Meta description?

Although Meta description don’t directly impact on organic search but it helps to motivate users to more clicks on your website. Try to make unique Meta description under 150 characters. You can add targeted keyword in the description and the content should be match to web page’s content.

Product pages description: Never use the manufacturer’s site description on your product pages because it can create duplicate content issues. So, try to make unique description for each product. If you have thousands of products on your website then it would be difficult to make unique description for each product. In that case, you can first make the description for those products you want to sell more. In this way you can receive the most organic traffic for particular products.

Are you blocking unnecessary pages?

You need to block some unnecessary pages from your website as they are not good for organic results. You can inform search engine that don’t crawl these pages. For this, you can create Robots.txt file and add those pages that you don’t want to crawl by google and then upload that file to your server.

Disallow: /checkout.php
Disallow: /viewfile.php
Disallow: /wishlist.php
Disallow: /login.php
Disallow: /account.php

Are you using right ALT tags?

ALT tags play an important role when the point is Google SEO ranking. So, always use descriptive ALT tags with targeted keywords.

How are you handling out of stock product pages?

It can be possible that there is no. of products that are no longer in stock. If there is possibility of that product come back, then keep that page live with message “temporarily out of stock”. If you don’t want to restock that product then you can redirect that page to similar products.

Do your URLs contain relevant keywords?

The URL should be short and add relevant keywords in them to make search engine optimization friendly. Try to use minimum slashes in them. For keep separated them, use hyphens in them.

Do you have reviews on product pages?

As we know reviews keep impact on customers while taking buying decision. It not only helps in this way but also increase the quantity of content on these pages. By this, organic visibility increase for new keywords also.

Is your site mobile friendly?

The search engine gives good points to that site which is mobile friendly. Is your site mobile friendly or not, you can check here:

Are you Tracking your visitors and leads?

While optimizing your SEO results then you should track your web site traffic. You can check it at

How speedy is your site?

How much speedy is your site, it not only impact on user experience but also on organic visibility. If your site takes time to load then customers automatically go for other site. Same thing for search engine, if they note that your site taking time to load, working slowing then they assume it is not a good quality site. To check the speed of your website, you can check here:

Does your site have enough content?

Content plays a big role in SEO web traffic. It also helps to improve organic visibility. Make unique content and not less than 250 words for each page. Try to avoid duplicate content also.

By asking above all these questions, you can improve your SEO web traffic and organic search traffic. But if you still have confusion, then you can get in touch with us and our SEO experts will help you to increase web traffic and organic search traffic.



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