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Most Important Factors to Optimize a Great Product Listing on Amazon


It would be a great idea to sell your products on Amazon if you want to expand your online presence and boost sales. But first you should know all factors to properly optimize your product listings on Amazon.

Listing products on amazon is not a big deal but you need to focus on some important Amazon’s rules. Here is a small part of learning curve that you should follow before listing your product on Amazon.

If you want to get best results of your listings then it is simply a matter of following guidelines and some important strategies to increase your product’s visibility. In this blog, we will give you few tips to increase your sale.

Tip 1: Optimize for Amazon SEO

When the point comes of SEO for Amazon, there is always a different process as compare to other platforms. As we know, there is a lots of mystery surroundings Google’s search engine. But the same not applies for Amazon. So, you should pay attention on following areas so that make your casual shoppers into buyers:


Strategy of keywords for Amazon is slightly different from what you use for Google. Keep in mind that shoppers who search on Amazon are ready to purchase at that time, so we suggest you that you use a keyword research tool for Amazon to create your keyword list.

Other suggestion is that you needn’t require sellers to repeat their keywords to boost page relevancy, so don’t fill valuable space by stuffing your product listing with the same keyword.

Product Title

When you go through the Amazon’s SEO tips, then you know that you should not use duplicate keywords in the title. For more information, have a look at Amazon’s Help and Customer Service Page to ensure product listing title that will be perfect for Amazon searches.

Product Description

Product images and title play an important role to attract the customers and make their mind to click on your product listing but when the point to sell your product, product description help them to get all information about the product.

Product Images

Product images not only increase your sales but also it is a main requirement of Amazon. The main image should be 1,000 pixels with a white background. Go to Amazon’s basic requirements to optimize your images before uploading.

Tip:2 Make Products Available for Amazon Prime

The recent survey shows that Amazon earned 90% of their revenue from Prime subscriptions. It is very clear that customers always love fast and free shipping. One thing is clear that products which aren’t eligible for Amazon Prime are at the risk of filtered out of product search result by Prime members. So, you don’t need to choose a product that ships slowly and with an added cost when you could buy a product with free and fast shipping.

We recommend you to make your products suitable for Amazon Prime so that you can increase your product’s visibility and sell more products.

Tip: 3 Consider Offering Discounts

Shoppers mostly looking for an amazing deal that they can generally find one on Amazon. But we suggest you that you need not to set prices that will hardly make you a profit. Actually, in recent study we found that consumers tend to avoid the cheapest options and prefer middle-priced discounts. Discounts not only help your products show up when consumers filter products by discounts but also make consumers feel like they are getting a good deal.

Tip: 4 Improve Shipping and Inventory Management

If you are running an eCommerce business, you know very well how important is to maintain stock and shipping products to customers quickly. It can be a tricky idea to manage your shipping and inventory if you are applying Amazon’s FBA program. The main problem happens when you don’t have enough stock to spread throughout these warehouses. This can drop your ranking and make your customers unhappy from your services.

Don’t disappoint. Here is solution to solve this problem as now plenty of automated marketing platforms can be integrated with Amazon to help you manage your inventory and get updates in real-time.

Tip: 5 Manage Product Reviews

Amazon helps you read helpful product review before you make a purchase, this is the main reason why lots of consumers begin their product search on Amazon. These reviews keep a great impact on shoppers. Don’t think that bad reviews are the end of the world as few negative reviews is not necessarily a bad thing. A few negative reviews help you to convince customers that your product reviews are authentic as there are a majority of positive reviews.

Now the question comes in mind how to deal with negative reviews. What should we do?

When you found a negative review then there is two ways to manage them.

1. Ask the customer to remove the review: You should address the problem and made things right with customers, then you ask them to edit/remove the review.

2. Publicly respond to the review: The second way is to publish comment on the customer’s negative review to demonstrate to other potential customers.

You can also increase the number of positive reviews by sending them an email after a few weeks to ask how they are enjoying the product and if they are enjoying then please leave a review.

Tip: 6 Consider Using Sponsored Products Ads

Product Ads helps you to increase your visibility quickly on Amazon. So, you can try Amazon’s Sponsored Products to increase your visibility.


If you want to boost your sales and conversion on Amazon, you should go through every aspect of your product listings. Above tips surely helps you to stand a better chance of being successful on Amazon.



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