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How SEO is Important for The Success of Your eCommerce Store?


There is no single doubt if we say that SEO is the most important aspect for the success of any eCommerce store. If you want that people easily find you, it becomes essential to focus on SEO. The Search Engine Optimization helps your website to maintain their place in the google search results. It would also not be any beneficial if you have good website with best products and reasonable prices but your website is not existing at the first page in Google.

Don’t Worry! Here we are giving you some useful SEO tips for your e-commerce store

Effective Keywords

Choosing right keywords is the key of getting best results in SEO. If you do not use specific keywords, then visitors would not be able to find you easily. Try to make long-tail keywords which helps to attract traffic as well as increase conversion rate of your website.

Be Careful to Use Duplicate Content

Everybody who has knowledge of SEO knows very well that duplicate content can become harmful for your website SEO. Search Engines always like unique content. They never like copy paste content. So always try to avoid contents from any website. Make your own content. If you use duplicate content it will down your website’s rank and give you totally opposite results of your aim.

Use Strategies Keywords in Anchor Text

If you boost your website’s visibility in google, you should use strategies keywords in anchor text. You can add important links in your product descriptions as it will help to promote similar products as well.

Make Your URL Structure Easy to Search Engines to Crawl

Don’t neglect the importance of your e-commerce site’s URL structure when you want to reach the top in search engine results. An appropriate structuring of the URL not only liked by search engines but also by customers on your website too. It also increases their chances of staying on your website longer.

Write Up Captivating Product Descriptions

We generally use product description from the manufacturer’s site. But we must try to avoid from that place because manufacturer website’s product descriptions use on many other sites who are selling same products. You should make unique and own description. Try to use relevant keywords in product description to make it search engine friendly too.

Optimize Your Product Images

Images play an important role in all e-commerce stores because they attract customers. Customers focus on images before buying any product. So we always try to use elegant and high quality images. But this is not enough to use attractive images on site. It is also important that images should be search engine friendly. They should easily find by search engines. So, optimization of images is very important. Without it you can lose the opportunity of boosting your site’s rank.

When you are working on the ALT tags for your images, never forget to add relevant keywords in them. Try to use as relevant as possible keyword for each image so that ALT tag for each image would be unique.

Leverage Google Ads

It is important to use carefully banners, sponsored links and other types of ads. Sometimes it can put negative impact on many customers. Keep tracks that Google ads are properly used.

Check to See if Traffic is Being Converted into Sales

Every store owner wants to increase traffic on their website. But only increased traffic is not sufficient. They need to focus on this thing that visitor on their sites convert into paid customers or not. If not, then you have to find out your mistakes and where your site is going wrong.

Try to use Google Analytics to track traffic on your site. This tool will help you to check from where traffic is coming on your site. Your SEO efforts are working well or not. By this, you can improve your SEO strategies and convert your visitors into paid customers.

Make it Easy for Your Visitors to Find Your Product Pages

Never forget to make product page links on your website’s home page and other relevant pages of your website. It makes easier for your visitors to find your products. It will also help search engines to find them easily.

Avoid Broken Links

Customers never want to come back again on your website if they found any link e.g. “Page 404 Not Found”. It will definitely frustrate them. You can imagine same with yourself. Do you like this type of links? To avoid this thing, you need to check all the links of your website on regular basis.

You can use Broken Link Checker Plugin to check broken links of your website.

I am sure the above SEO tips will help you to improve SEO of your e-commerce website, generate more traffic and boost conversion rate.



Importance of SEO / Search Engine Optimization

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