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9 Tips to Improve Sales of Your eCommerce Store


There are many eCommerce sellers available in the online market. In this competitive market, the main target of every store owner is to increase traffic on their store. There is a solid competition in this segment so store owners need to use effective strategies to stay in competition and boost their store sales.

You can boost your online store’s sales, you just need to first understand customers’ point of view. When you understand what customers generally observe on your online store, you can do the required changes on your store to increase your sales. You can also keep your customers happy if you familiar with their viewpoint.

It is often observed that many eCommerce websites have high rank in search engines and lot of traffic. But they are unable to achieve high conversion rate. There can be many reasons behind this. Many factors situate effects on this. Whether you have two websites and they have same price of products however they are getting different conversion rate.

If you are facing struggle how to increase your online sales. Here we are giving you some tips so that you can stay ahead in this competition.

Improve Your Website Navigation

The navigation of website should be clean and clear so that you can attract your visitors to purchase from your website. If customers face problem in finding particular product which they want, they will quickly go for other store to find that product. They also would not like to come back again on your store. So keep in mind these things when you giving your site to website designer for navigation.

The website should be user-friendly, professional and simple. You need to make the checkout process simple. You need not to make it complicated such as need to open an account before purchase or filling any unnecessary information. By this customer feel comfortable to purchase product from your store.

Build Trust with Website Visitors

In online purchase customers are unable to contact you face-to-face. So you need to make strategies so that you can build customer’s trust on your store. You should include testimonials and case study of your previous customers on your website.

As there is not face-to-face contact, you can assist your customers and answer their queries by using Live Chat. Customers can set up their mind for purchase when they get their queries regarding product by Live Chat. You can be sure that every customer getting full attention and their queries are solving in timely and proper manner.

Optimize Your Site for Various Browsers

There are many different browsers available for use. Your website should be optimizing well so that all features can be display on all browsers. Many customers prefer to use tablets, desktops and mobile phones to access internet. So you should make your website mobile friendly so that customers can easily view your products and services on these devices. So check your website work well on all these platforms. Don’t assume. Check it personally.

Don’t Hide Your Search Bar

If customers unable to find out the search bar quickly and could not find which they want, they can be frustrated and go for other competitor’s site. You should make the search services that show all relevant results.

Add Lots of Images

Customer can not touch the product in online purchase. For customer satisfaction, you should add multiple images with different angles so that customers know the product thoroughly before purchase.

Detailed Descriptions

You should add all necessary information such as size, color options, material used etc in description so that customer can take decision before purchase. They can easily compare your product from other competitor’s site products.

Shipping Information

Shipping information should be available on product pages so that customers know their product’s total cost. They can be irritated if they found shipping cost at checkout. Nobody likes to be shocked at the time of purchase.

Delivery On-time

Time is as important as other aspects in online sales. If you deliver products on time or before customer’s expectation you can keep your customer happy and boost your sales as well.

Customers Feedback

You can analyze your service by getting customer’s feedback regarding your services. So, Ask customers for their feedback so that you can improve your quality and services. By this you can be familiar with your customer’s like and dislikes.

How Data Outsourcing India can help?

We have an experienced team for catalogue processing and product data entry services, who can help you in showing your products in a decent manner so that maximum buyers can attract to buy from your online store.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your eCommerce management needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.



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